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kim m.

nashville, Tennessee
i am a creative, thoughtful mentally ill human being. i write a blog focusing primarily on mental illness and the stigma that still exists. occasionally i write a bit on politics. and sometimes i write about the entertainment industry since it’s the field i’ve worked in for nearly 11 years. a little background on my mental illness: i was diagnosed with depression at the age of 13. raped at 15 which only heightened my depression. diagnosed with double depression in my mid to... Full Bio
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paging dr. paul weston

hello again, internet. it’s been almost a year since i’ve even been to my site, let alone any others. it’s been an extremely difficult...

little black sandals

hello dear readers if you’re still out there. i simply cannot believe i have been away for nearly 6 months. firstly i’d like to thank the...

this should be interesting

a film currently in pre-production, Love and Other Drugs. starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. synopsis: A humorous expose of the...

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