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“Veggie” diet blamed for poor performance of China’s women volleyball team

"Fearing tainted meat, China's women's volleyball team has stuck to a strict vegetarian diet for the last three weeks, which the...

Eating Rule for 2012

"Don't eat anything that cannot be hunted, fished or harvested." Dr. Heidi

Sugary soda ups risky fat deposits

A liter of cola a day, for 6 months wrecks liver.  Hot off the press here .

Five packaged foods you never need to buy again

Totally cool post from the Grist here ... What did you resolve to do this year? Eat healthier? Avoid processed foods? Stay away...

Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse, says Pepsi

Just in from Grist ... An Illinois man is suing Pepsi Co. because, he says, he found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew. But...
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