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North East, Pennsylvania
Somewhere around November 18th or 19th of 2007, I started feeling what I thought were Carpal Tunnel symptoms in my right hand. The symptoms included: tingling of my fingers, numbness, and I was having trouble typing. I went out and bought wrist guards, and things designed to help CT patients.... Full Bio
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My Sun Still Rises

A short while ago I took a break from M.S.  I didn’t have a choice really.  Another, more powerful, force than the disease began to consume my...

When the Spark Fades

When I started this blog ages ago, I promised to be honest and sincere about life with M.S.  – all of it.  I threw my heart and soul into my...

Wearing Luca Brasi’s Cement Shoes

An article has been brewing in the Sunshine for some time.  It’s been a difficult one to write because it means that it’s time for me to address...

Will M.S. Kill Me?

It just breaks my heart that the title of this article is the number one search phrase that landed visitors to Sunshine and Moonlight within the...

They Ride Because the Can: They Help without Knowing How Special They Are

Just over a month or so ago, on the campus of Edinboro University , some 1,700 bicyclists participated in this year’s Escape to Lake, a daunting...

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Oct 11 2008 by obxguzalu

I have read your blog (and lovrd it)for few weeks and sarted my own blog about my journey.  It's fun to see you here. 



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