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Kim B.

Green Cove Springs, Florida
I am a Wellness Coach that assist people with their overall health. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, overall nutrition, skin care, or energy, I try to help people with any of their health issues. Currently, myself and a partner, we are conducting Weight Loss Challenges - locally via weekly meeetings or throughout the US via weekly phone meetings. We are excited about the people we are helping and watching their lives change before our eyes. My partner, Candy, has actually lost 42... Full Bio
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Weight Loss Challenge - Lose Weight - Gain Cash!

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Dec 02 2008 by Lori K.
Hi Kim - we're on the weight loss challenge team!
Mar 14 2008 by Tine B.

Do I email my weight an dheight to you?

What is herbalife Sapeworks?

I joined Weight watchers recently b ut am not being good at it.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and really need to and want to drop the pounds.

Unfortunately it hurts so much to walk, swim etc.

I am now wearing a step counter and trying to asdd a little biking etc.

I will also start swimming again now the weather is good.


Feb 28 2008 by Larissa

Hi Kim, welcome to the Wellsphere community!  I’m Larisa, the Community Relations Manager and here to offer you support or answer any questions you may have.  How are things going so far?