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Bad Times

I’m not doing well. Believe me, that’s a sentence I hoped never to write. However, I’ve no choice, unless I wish to kick the truth aside. ...

The Times Seem to be Changing

I’m embarrassed. Almost a full month ago, I said my plan was to write this blog more often, even if it meant writing shorter blog-entries. I...


I’ve decided to change my approach to this blog. My new plan is to write shorter entries when I’m able. In the past few months, as my cancer...

My Oldest Son

Roughly 28 years ago, on a Summer morning, I kissed my sons Dylan and Eamon good bye as they slept in their little beds in a home I shared with the...

Bad News

The last time I contributed to this blog, I felt pretty good. I was convinced I’d be able to start writing regularly, creating needed chapters for...

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