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March 8, 2012 - World Kidney Day! by Michael B. I was trying to come up with something witty for today, since today is World Kidney Day 2012!  But I know... Read on »
February 10, 2012 by Michael B. This past week I had an incredible opportunity to tell my story at Harvard Medical School. It all... Read on »
January 11, 2012 by Michael B. It’s been a while since you have heard from me.  As you may know, my mom had been very sick, fighting... Read on »


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A kidney transplant is the transfer of a healthy kidney from one person (the donor) into the body of a person who has little, or no, kidney activity (the recipient). A person only needs... » Read on
Dialysis is a procedure that is carried out outside the body and performs the functions of the failed kidneys, such as regulating fluid balance. A... » Read on
There is some evidence that people who have successful kidney transplants live longer than if they were having dialysis treatment. However, the main advantage of a kidney transplant is... » Read on
In patient who is fit enough to have major surgery, a kidney transplant can be done when a suitable donor kidney becomes available. If the patient has a living donor, it... » Read on
During a kidney transplant, the transplanted kidney, known as a kidney 'graft', is usually placed in the lower abdomen via an incision (cut). Following the procedure, the scar is similar... » Read on

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