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Saving Lives: Angeles Health teams with To Offer New Hope To Kidney Transplant Patients

Posted May 06 2010 6:57pm 1 Comment

According to CDC statistics, the average wait time for a kidney to become available through the national UNOS list is eight years or more. Every day, nearly 19 people die waiting on that list - most of them waiting for a kidney.

But even being lucky enough to have a donor doesn't erase the risk and reality of long waiting times.  After all,  most top US hospitals requiring wait times of 6-9 months for transplant surgeries.

Until recently, paitents had no choice but to wait on the UNOS list, because for deceased donor kidneys were the only option available to patients in need of a transplant. But now technology has given patients another option, one that can give them back their lives instead of waiting for a medical rescue that never comes.

The technology of the non-profit   links paitents in need of a kidney with altruistic donors.  The nonprofit organization is featured regularly in internationally respected media such as CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, and The New York Times Magazine.


Angeles Health International international patient program is helping the cause; with a transplant team that has been working together 13 years and a state-of-the-art facility Hospital Angeles Tijuana just outside of San Diego, the program provides some assistance to patients who qualify for a transplant but are unable to manage the wait times or expense as currently defined by the US health care system. 

Research shows that patient outcomes are enhanced when transplant surgery can take place prior to / in the early stages of dialysis, and with a lving donor, making and Angeles Health an effective one-two punch against the terrible statistic that 19 people will die tomorow, and the next day, and the next, just waiting for hope.

Facts: Transplants take place at the Hospital Angeles Tijuana, a state-of-the-art medical facility built in 2006, located just minutes from downtown San Diego and featuring a kidney transplant team that has been working together for more than 13 years.

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Just read this in Wellsphere: 


"The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reviewed records from the U.S. Renal Data System and found that some patients spend five years receiving debilitating dialysis treatments before they're put on the nation's kidney transplant list, while others who could benefit from transplants never make the list.

The newspaper found that kidney transplants add an average of 10 years to a patient's life and that a transplanted kidney costs Medicare about $50,000 less than treating a patient using dialysis. Still, the newspaper found the biggest dialysis providers need large numbers of patients covered by insurance to offset lower payments the providers get for dialysis from Medicare.

"Transplantation ought to be mandated because the outcomes are better, the quality of life is better and it's less expensive," said Dr. Tom Parker III, a Dallas nephrologist who co-chaired a summit on dialysis failures at Harvard Medical School in the spring."

All the more reason to celebrate and and their efforts to provide patients with transplant surgery option that let's them *live* the 10 years they'd otherwise spend waiting (with a steeply declining quality of life).

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