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kidney dieses

Posted by DR ATUL


Some Ayuervedic drug can spoil kidney

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I was just told I have stage 3 kidney disease Im scared.....The medical community say no reversing the damage to the kidneys, no meds to stopping  the progression.  Is there any non conventional holistic  methods to reversing, helping the kidneys get better?? I need prayer and answers.   Thank you.......Matty
From my understanding no there isn't any methods to reversing the disease.  I under your scared, I was told at the age of 15 that I had an inflammation in the kidney and it was going to fail in some many years.  You try to live your life the only way you can, but I won't say it will be easy it won't.  I was living in Europe at the time the doctors told me my kidney had completely failed, I returned to Canada and start my journey.  And it was rough it was about 2 years or so from my return to my transplant.  I was very blessed to receive the transplant when I did others I would not have made the year end.  My body had shut down 3 times in within a 6 month period.  I found that with a good medical team, family support, friends and a positive attitude it made this journey easier to travel.  It has been coming up to 9 years in less the 2 weeks and it has been amazing.  To be blessed with a new lease of life.  So keep positive, you will be in my prayers and do feel free to connect me if you would like to talk. Jaxs
hi sonnice gald to read your letter .i am busy now ,i will send you letter after some time ,have a nice day bye ,
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