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'Wish you the same'

Posted Oct 10 2008 1:07pm
You must have heard this a gazillion times:

'Happy Dassera/Diwali/New Year/whatever'

'Wish you the same'

Why 'wish you the same'? It sounds so drab, dull and unemotional. Why can't the person addressed to respond with a return 'Happy Dassera/Diwali/New Year/whatever'?

Sometimes fads like these catch on and it actually becomes fashionable to do such stupid things. When the person has wished us let's say with a 'Happy Dassera', we can easily say, 'Happy Dassera to you too!'. Now, what's wrong with that? Sounds so much better than a 'Wish you the same'. Or even worse, a 'Same to you' which throws out even the 'wish' part of it!

A greeting is a nice way of wishing someone. Add a smile and you have contributed to building a lifelong bond with the person. It should be genuine, heartfelt, warm. And 'Wish you the same' kills all that.

It is used to avoid being repetitive, did I hear you say? Rubbish! When someone says 'Hi', do we respond with a 'Wish you the same'? No. We return the 'Hi'. Then why not respond with a greeting when someone greets us?

And yes, Happy Dassera to you! (Don't you dare say you-know-what!)
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