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Will I be able to manage with less dialysis?

Posted May 06 2012 8:30am
In July, on my trip to the US, I will be getting less than optimal dialysis. Its going to be a three week trip. I will be doing some nocturnal sessions in dialysis centers and some regular four hour sessions. These will also be spaced out with one or two day gaps.

This is the part I hate about holidaying while on dialysis. You need to watch your fluid and diet! I mean you're on a holiday! What fun is a holiday with diet and fluid restrictions?!

But I guess it is better than not holidaying at all!

So, I have two fears mainly - one of course is the fluid. With one and two day gaps, will I be able to restrict my fluid intake? This is not the first time I have had to restrict my fluid after getting on to nocturnal. I've been on trips to Goa and I have got less frequent dialysis there. But the big difference was those were only 4-5 day trips whereas this is a whole three weeks!

Second, the fear that with three weeks of non-frequent dialysis, will my other uremic symptoms like nausea start rearing their head? 

Well, I have scheduled my sessions so that I get nocturnal after a two day break and things like that. But still, I am a little worried. I will be on a holiday that is costing me a bomb. This is most likely going to be my only such trip ever and I want things to go perfectly! Can you blame me?

On the other hand, I will be achieving my two big dreams - one is to go on a cruise and the other is to go to the Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Ever since I saw the pictures from my parents' trip last year and heard from them about the Niagara Falls, it has been on my list of absolute must-dos. Here is a picture (I have it as my desktop background for ages now!):

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