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Why is PD given step-motherly treatment by nephrologists?

Posted May 12 2010 7:08am
I met a 24-year old guy a couple of days back. He was diagnosed with kidney disease about 5 months back and has been on hemodialysis ever since. They are trying a dose of steroids to see if his native kidneys revive. Till then he will have to be on some form of dialysis.

I asked him if they had considered Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). He hadn't even heard about it! I wasn't surprised. I knew about this step-motehrly treatment given by nephrologists for some inexplicable reason.

Just what is it about PD that makes it a second class citizen in the eyes of nephrologists? I am really not sure.

I wasn't told about PD at all. I got to know about it from the internet. Sadly, what was in 1997 hasn't changed even after thirteen years. The number of people on PD has definitely increased since then. But the increase can be described as pathetic at best.

I am a huge believer in Peritoneal Dialysis. I would, honestly, have never survived this long if I was on conventional, in-center hemodialysis. The punishing diet and fluid restrictions along with the process of dialysis itself with the two thick needles in your arms and the four hours of severe boredom can play havoc with your mind along with your body. PD, for me was the savior.

There are people who can't stand PD. They hate the thought of having a tube sticking out of the stomach. Which is totally all right. To each his own. But atleast give the option. Let the patient decide. Explain both the options and let the patient decide. Why make the decision yourself?

This is really unpardonable. I have no idea why this is done. Why, just why, don't nephrologists tell patients about PD?
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