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why are my legs swelling?

Posted by dianac725

I am 82 yrs old and my legs started swelling a few weeks ago. I have been taking lasix 5 days a week for years. I have problems with my kidneys. I went to the emergency room a few days ago and they did a vascular study on my legs and it came back perfect. They did an ekg and that came back good, They did bloodwork and my renal count was 1.8 but it has been 2.0-2.2 for a few years so that can't be causing the swelling, I am a diabetic and have taken medication or many years. I am also on medication for high blood pressure and a few others. What could be causing this swelling all of a sudden??
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Normally speaking, swelling is one common symptoms of kidney disease. swellin is because of the retention of fluid in human body.You have diabetes along with hypertension, those two simple diseases pose enough burden on your kidneys. Although you are taking medications to control the blood pressure and blood sugar, still, damages have been caused and have no chance to reverse. By experience, swelling can be a sign signalling your condition is getting worse over days.  As for your condition, I sugget you to run some more kidney tests such as routine urine.


I am diabetic and have kidney failure,the Drs had me on lasix for years,,,my fluid retention got so bad it was in my lungs and was in the hospital for a month..I had grown immune to the lasix. It just wasnt working. My drs changed my diuretics(now I am on 2  Bumetanide,and Metolazone) and havent had any swelling or exess fluid in about 6 months :)
If you can push on the swelled area and it leaves an indention it is more than likely Adema. My mother was diagnosed with Kidney disease and it seemed ammediately her legs, face, and different area would swell so bad she was unrecognizable. She had to go regularly to have these wraps done, it would help drain some of the fluid. I would definetly let your PCP know so they can direct you to the right care for it. 
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