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Voilà! I am using a BSNL 3G sim on my iPad 3G!

Posted May 15 2010 12:45am
Apple's iPad 3G comes with an AT&T microsim. India's only 3G service provider, BSNL uses the regular sim for their 3G service. I recently got myself an iPad 3G. I planned to wait until someone launched a good 3G service, hopefully with a microsim and then latch on to the 3G bandwagon.

Then, one day, in my daily Google alerts on the iPad, I came to know about John Benston who actually cut his regular sim card into the shape of a microsim, carefully making sure that the important parts of the sim are preserved and properly aligned. He was in the UK and he used a Vodafone sim successfully on his iPad.

Yesterday, my boss at office arranged a BSNL 3G sim and asked me to take a shot. The sim looked very different from the AT&T sim. I had very little hope of it working.

About an hour back, I took a knife that we use in our kitchen and a pair of scissors. I then aligned the BSNL sim with the important parts of the bundles sim on the iPad and cut out the extra portions. I then cut the top side corner too and tried to put it into the iPad's sim tray. It wouldn't fit. I needed to finely trim out small bits from here and there. The sim then fit into the tray.

Next was the crucial test. Would the network work? It's all fine to cut a sim and put it into the iPad. Had I cut out some wrong portions? Were the important circuits still in place?

I went to the settings and gave the APN - bsnlnet.

Then waited patiently.

There it was! CellOne 3G on the top left corner of the iPad!

I was thrilled! I tried opening a few sites (I had previously disabled Wifi) and it worked!

So, there you are. It's official - the iPad 3G can be used with BSNL's 3G service!
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