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Tough Night Last Night

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:44pm

Last night was a tough one. Half way through the run the Tmp alarm went off and alternated with the Venous alarm for a few minutes. While I was sitting up in bed dealing with them, my blood pressure crashed to 61/?. Susan had to take over, give me some saline and deal with the alarms.

This happened again, including the BP crash, about an hour later. When another hour later the alarms went off for the third time, Susan immediately took me off the run before I had a chance to crash.

I called Rose (one of my main nurse contacts at the Hospital) first thing this morning and discussed the problem. Rose said that if it had been her, the first time by blood pressure dropped below 70, she would have stopped the run immediately, given me most of a liter of saline, returned my blood and called it a night. She strongly recommended that we follow that advice in the future as this situation may result in cardiac arrest – not a good thing!

The situation was probably caused by my gastropheresis. If dinner had been sitting in my stomach for a number of hours (and dinner was a large one by my current standards as we were celebrating my daughter’s birthday earlier) then moved into the digestive system, it could have caused my blood pressure to drop a lot as blood was diverted to the intestines to aid in digesting.

Normally I start a run at around 140/85 and try to take off enough fluid to end up around 110/75. I have had a blood pressure drop as low once before – about 3 years ago in the early afternoon after a large lunch. I was not on dialysis at the time, but my doctor thought it was triggered by the gastropheresis. That time it was so bad that Susan called 911 and the ambulance attendants couldn’t even measure a blood pressure. I spent 5 days in the hospital for observation.

Anyway, safe to say we will follow Rose’s advice.

Now I hate to brag, but last night Susan, Laura, Linda and I went out to celebrate Linda’s birthday. She wanted to go 10 pin bowling and I was up for it. Laura is 22, Linda is 20 and they are in the best of health. I am 52, can’t stand without a cane due to a severe lack of balance, can’t see very well as I am completely blind in one eye and have low vision in the other, can’t hold a bowling ball well because of trigger fingers in both hands and was in pain from the extremely loud music being played. Now I promised not to tell who won, but let’s just say that they should get out more often and spend some time at the lanes!

Have a great day!
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