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Things I was never told when moving to Seattle

Posted Nov 22 2008 11:11pm

In bullet form because it’s neat and I am feeling OCD at the moment.

  • 44 degrees in Seattle is different then 44 degrees in say Santa Rosa, CA.  I am so incredibly cold and I don’t know what the sun feels like anymore.
  • The Wind, yes, it’s capitalized.  The Wind blows hard, this making you even colder.
  • The righteous indignation of pedestrians.   People just walk out in the middle of the road and everyone flippin stops, if you happen to not give then an extra twelve feet of roaming area they glare at you.  In California, not only would be hit you, we’d rob you too.
  • In the PNW they have the best sunrises, I’m serious, the BEST.
  • In Seattle, everyone complains about the traffic, I suggest they go drive the 101 in California on a Wednesday between the hours of 1530 and 1830 and then come back and tell everyone how great the traffic is in Seatle, because it is.
  • The squirrels, they are little fury ninjas.  I’m serious.  At my apartment they watch me, at UW, they watch me some more.  I am fairly positive I am their next hit, especially since I refuse to feed them after one of them ran up to my grocery bags.
  • Now maybe I don’t get out very often and maybe my life looks something like this: school, homework, school, clinical, school, work, homework, test, test, barf, test.  But at the times I have been wandering around the city I have noticed people mainly wear neutral colors, this makes me stand out, since I wear lime green, hot pink and baby blue hats and scarfs all the time.  What is up with that?  The sun like comes out once a day, wearing brown and moss green will not brighten the day.
  • The do not call it a DMV here, it’s called a Department of Licensing and California, note how it’s done, you have been schooled.
  • Oh, by the way, Washington, why do you call soda “Pop”, what “pops” about Pepsi?  I still get confused when someone offers me “pop”.
  • Also, why doesn’t anyone give me a straight answer on if it snows here.  People say “no–well maybe a few inches a handful of times a year” hmmm…why is there snow shovels and ice picky things for your shoes at Target?!  It snowed in Santa Rosa once in 2002, Target wasn’t in stock with shovels!

So it sum it up, it’s damn cold, really doesn’t rain that much (at least yet), it might snow, no one’s really answered that question for me yet.  Has the best sunrises, peeps are just babies about the traffic and the squirrels will steal your food if you leave it beside your car.

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