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stem cell treatment for Kidney Failure,Without kidney Transplant.

Posted Jul 13 2012 3:44am
First What are stem cells?

Stem cells are primitive cells in human body and they have the potentials of self-renewing and differentiation. In right condition, they are able to differentiate into desired cells, tissues and even organs that body needs. Stem cells are applied to restore the impaired tissues and organs in body based on the above features.

Stem cell therapy refers to injection of healthy stem cells into the patients' body intravenously, no surgery, no pain. Up to 2009, this biological therapy has been used to treat more than 20 kinds of incurable diseases. It has been accepted by more and more people worldwide for its safety, zero invasive and side effects and marvellous curative effects.
Most of the stem cells are from umbilical cord blood. In the past, it was considered as the wastes of parturition. However, now the study shows that the purity of stem cells in cord blood is very high and extraction of stem cell from cord blood does nothing for lying-in women and the baby.

In china, government agrees stem cells are used for kidney failure treatment. And during 30 years’ treatment, there is no patient getting side effects from stem cell transplant. This treatment is very simple and need no surgery and no suffering. Only stem cells injection can achieve good curative effect.

Many people think stem cell transplant is very magical. In fact, these stem cells are immature cells which have strong ability to differentiate into many types of cells for the kidney needs. So when kidney tissues can be repaired well, kidney will function well and people will cast off kidney failure. 
How does stem cell therapy( More about stem cell trerapy : ) treat kidney failure( )?

Kidney failure means most of your kidney tissues have been dead, so your kidney cannot function well to discharge the toxic substances from your body. In this way, other organs and tissues have to endure the poison of these toxins. Thereby the most important treat for patients is to repair kidney tissues and improve kidney function in order to reduce the poison.

Drugs only can mend the damaged cells. However, they can do nothing for those dead ones. So stem cells can help them to clean the dead or hardened tissues from kidneys. And they also can cater to the need of kidney to produce the same tissues for them in order to rebuild a "new" kidney. They can turn to glomeruli, renal tubules, blood vessels and so on. Once kidney is repaired, they will work better and resolve the poison problems. People can live a normal life like before. Through this introduce, I hope stem cell therapy can help you. 
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