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Stay Tuned!

Posted Aug 24 2008 8:01pm

Good morning. I am in the middle of an experiment.

Susan and I watched a 60 Minutes segment that I commented on a few weeks ago about sleep deprivation and the detrimental effects it has on our lives. Lately, we have noticed that due to the TMP alarm having a mind of its own and our bad habit of watching Jay and Dave, then Iron Chef before bed, we probably average 6 hours of straight sleep most nights. We both often return to sleep after the run is over for another few hours.

Do those extra few hours in the morning, or an afternoon nap make up for the loss of sleep at one time, at night?

I had dialysis as usual on Thursday night with no interruptions. Friday was my usual night off and we took it, but instead of staying up late, I went to sleep at . The experiment started yesterday, Saturday, during the day when Susan hooked me up around . Eight hours (and a couple of DVDs and a nap) later I was finished. We passed a pleasant evening and went to sleep at .

I got a full 8 hours on Friday and Saturday night.

Today, Sunday, I will dialyze during the day again abd hopefully get 8 more hours sleep tonight. Tomorrow is Monday and my next day off so I am hoping for a fourth night in a row of 8 hours sleep before dialyzing on Tuesday night.

Will I feel the difference? Will Susan? Stay tuned!

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