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Some Milestones

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:07pm
Yesterday was the first time I was allowed to shower instead of a sponge bath. Boy did that feel good! The euphoria over being able to wash my hair carried over to when I had to change my bandaging. I did it without even thinking about what I was doing! It seems it's becoming second nature to me now. The order in which I have to wash my hands to make sure they're clean (palms, backs, nails, cuticlea, thumb, fingers, wrists, backs and palms), setting out the supplies first, ripping some tape off to have it ready, oh and I have to put on a surgical mask also. Seems a little extreme doesn't it? But this prepares you for when you start to uncap your catheter. A new cap must be put on each time you take one off. The head of the Dialysis Center called yesterday and postponed my start of training until Tuesday. That gives me one extra day of maybe a phone call coming in :) Someone recently told me that another person said they couldn't pray for me because they would be praying for someone to die. After my initial shock of actually being told this, I explained that I would never advocate praying for someone to die just so I could get a kidney. My prayer has always been that God would find a match out of the people who had died and make it happen. The number of people who are actually organ donors is pretty low. Some family members have a hard time with giving the OK to use their loved one's organs in their time of grief. Who can't understand that? The first thing our family does when these phone calls have come in is pray for the family who has lost a loved one. Our hearts go out to the unknown family members who are grieving. We pray for peace and comfort to them and that they feel the presence of God's love surrounding them. I can honestly say my thoughts are more with that family than with my situation at that time. My mind can't even grasp that thought of God making that person die so I could get their kidney. It breaks my heart that some people can attribute such actions to our Heavenly Father. Free will decisions of drinking while driving, or taking pills and then driving or even speeding contribute to the opportunity of death. Often times innocent people are affected by another's free will choice.
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