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Please see below, please help if you can!

Posted by j5682

Having a Ct scan for PKD or bladder cancer.

History of Chronic Cycstitis, spread to kidneys, left undiagnosed for years. What damage could have been done.

 Could I have spread this to anyone in my family. No Stds. Been checked.

Also have symtoms of MS. Sending me to neurologist. Could this be from enlarged blood vessels due to infection or PKD or something else.

Very itchy too, since I started D3 vitamin my doctor wants me to take. Little red bumps, that almost "sting".

Just finished another round of antibotics. Think I need more but have a diffucult time getting them from doctor, some times infection shows up and sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes there is blood in my urine and sometimes there is not.

PLEASE HELP!!!!! I am seeing a urologist but I am scared and just need some answers.

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