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Plantar Fisciitis

Posted Aug 18 2012 2:54pm
The heel pain being excruciating and quite unbearable I went to an orthopedic doctor.

He confirmed that the pain was due to plantar fisciitis.

I tried to find out what exactly is the problem.

The plantar fascia is a tissue that connects the heel to the toe joint. Plantar Fisciitis is an inflamation of this tissue. The reasons can be varied.

In my case I am flat footed. Plus in July, I had done a lot of trekking. In fact trekked for 3 consecutive weeks and the last trek was in bad pain. I could not go back on a commitment I had made almost 6 months ago.

Also recent blood tests had indicated a deficiency of Vitamin D3. This is a common phenomenon amongst Dialysors.

In most situations, the condition is treated using ice packs, a set of exercises to strengthen the tissue and analgesics to help control the intense pain.

In dialysors, (patients on dialysis) or for that matter anyone with end stage kidney disease, analgesics are dangerous. So that was ruled out. It meant I had to live with the pain.

I decided to meet a physiotherapist (a friend) who promised to recommend an exercise regime for me.

But she clearly told me that I had to rest and therefore trekking to Bhimashankar on 18th August was ruled out. She said that if I was lucky the pain would go by 2nd September when our next trek is scheduled.

This is an easy trek and we are planning to announce it as a kids trek. Kids treks are real fun as it is a revelation for kids about how beautiful nature can be and a revelation for us about how energetic kids can be.

She also suggested that I use some ortho footwear. Since I am flatfooted, she felt it would help me.

I wanted to get it done asap. I decided to go in for all of what she recommended.
  • Exercises
  • Ice Packs
  • Ortho Footwear
  • I called up the firm that consults for ortho footwear and took up an appointment for the same day.

    I really didnt want to miss another trek. 

    Hope my heel recovers by then.

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