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PKD and enlarged kidney

Posted Apr 17 2014 7:49am

 Many factor will cause kidney become bigger.Today I want to tell you some knowledge about PKD and enlarged kidneys.

An enlarged kidney is a condition in which a kidney is larger than its normal size. Generally, kidney enlargement is a symptom of an underlying disease or disorder of the kidneys. Some common illnesses that may cause this to occur include polycystic kidney syndrome, a kidney stone and unilateral hydronephrosis. Most of the time, the enlarged kidney is treated by treating the underlying cause of this condition.

The kidneys are vital to human survival. Most people are born with two of these bean shaped organs, which are located in the middle portion of the back. Kidneys function by removing excessive water and waste from the bloodstream. This waste eventually becomes urine, which is passed through tubes, known as ureters, into the bladder where it is eventually released from the body.

Polycystic kidney syndrome is a condition in which multiple cysts grow within the kidneys. The water-filled cysts are typically benign or noncancerous growths that can vary in size. An enlarged kidney is generally a symptom of this syndrome, as the cysts will cause the kidneys to expand. Other common symptoms may include abdominal swelling, back pain, headache, frequent urination and high blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to other serious health problems, such as stroke, heart attack and kidney failure.


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