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Phosphates in Frozen Seafood

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:25pm

I'd like to share with you some good information from reader Miriam in Ottawa about the addition of phosphates (phosphorus) in frozen fish and seafood.

She writes that much of the "fresh" shrimp in the stores is probably "previously frozen" and may have it labeled, but in very small type. You may have to ask at your fish counter. Miriam says she buys the frozen bagged shrimp, which lists only shrimp and salt as ingredients. You may be able to find preservative-free fish and seafood at Whole Foods markets in the U.S. Or look for organic seafoods at your market. You might try a local fish and seafood shop, but ask first about whether the seafood contains preservatives. Miriam also shares a Web site for the online supplier Clearwater Seafoods .

It's just important to be aware of what's in the food you buy --- especially for those on phosphorus- and potassium-restricted diets.

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