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Pearls for Boards

Posted Jan 29 2013 12:00am
1) Surreptitious vomiting or diuretic abuse - metabolic alkalosis, Laxative abuse - non-gap metabolic acidosis .

2)  Aquaporin 2 -  apical membrane of collecting duct, Aquaporins 3 and 4 - basolateral membrane of collecting duct, Aquaporin 1 - proximal tubule.

3)  Hemodialysis access rule of 6s : 6 weeks after the AV fistula has been placed, the fistula should 1) be able to support a blood flow of 600 ml/min 2) be at a maximum of 6mm from the surface 3) have a diameter greater than 6mm.

4) Chronic lead exposure : 1) Interstitial nephritis 2) Gout 3) HTN

5) Calcineurin inhibitors, key differences - Tacrolimus: hair loss and higher rates of NODAT. Cyclosporin: hair growth and gum hyperplasia.
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