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Ode to my gall bladder

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:55pm


2)Biliary Tree

3)Bile Duct

4) Gall Bladder

I don't know much about you,

though I've seen you on the screen.

"An organ, not a cyst",they said

and I think your bile's green.

With all my organs festering,

you are the most pristeen.

The only one worth donating.

Well, you and Mr. Spleen.

My liver's shot, my lungs get tight

My eyesight's not so keen.

We all know how the kidneys are

They're the lumpiest you've seen.

But you, dear bladder, sack of juice,

with healthy, slimy sheen

You're the bomb, da man, the whole shebang-

I dub you Organ King.
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