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Odd Differences

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:07pm
Ever since the transplant, I have had 2 MAJOR cravings....vegetables and Bojangle's fried chicken. While Bojangle's has always been my favorite chicken place, vegetables were never very high up on my To Eat list. In fact, most who know Bruce and I, know that Bruce loves vegetables and since I didn't, I usually didn't take the time to cook any. Sure I ate corn, peas and string beans and occasionally broccoli smothered in cheese, but this was on rare occasions before the transplant. My surgery was on a Thursday and then Tuesday we moved into the Townhouse. That Saturday we ventured out and about in Birmingham and came upon this area called Five Points. It was very quaint and I loved it. We decided to eat at the Ruby Tuesday's there and with my entree came steamed broccoli. I tore into the broccoli immediately and oohhed and ahhhed over how delicious it was. No cheese, no salt and not even any butter that I was aware of. Bruce sat there looking at me like I had grown 2 heads! He made the comment that he thought my taste buds had been effected by the kidney disease and maybe now I would enjoy food more. I was more of the mindset that my donor had maybe loved vegetables and while surfing the net, I found that there is a phenomina called Cellular Memory. Most of the explanations I read on WHY it happens seemed to be pretty hokey and I don't buy into those theories. But I can attest to the fact that I now LOVE vegetables and make sure most nights that veggies are on the table. Salad bars were always a welcome thing for me because I did love salads at least. Those are on the "Not To Do" list now because buffets/salad bars are usually not quite the temperature that is required to serve those items and so food illnesses could be lurking for transplant patients who cannot fight off the slightest bug. And so far the best vegetable yet to me is a container of greens from "Top Of the River" in Guntersville, AL.
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