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Nature’s Wrath When Least Expected

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:02pm

The previous onslaught of Tropical Storm Ondoy last Saturday, September 26 left people here in Metro Manila stunned and grieving. Floods devastated the city and left traffic almost non-existent, if not leaving them at a stand still, on streets. Here in our immediate area, where the deepest flooded area reached waist high, we weathered out the storm inside the house.

It was a devastating experience, this flash floods. I was due for a dialysis treatment on that fateful day and all I could do was call the clinic, cancel my schedule, and get listed for another session. I’m lucky enough that I wasn’t toxic and overloaded with fluid because if that were the case, I wouldn’t be able to make it that Monday. I would have gone to a hospital for an emergency dialysis if I haven’t been controlling my fluid intake.


Ah well, nevertheless, the past incidence serves a reminder for patients like me to be prepared for the unexpected. Someone like me who’s been on dialysis for quite a long time now has already grasped the importance of a regular treatment cycle. Whether I like it or not, I must admit that these treatment schedules are so important to me now, it’s been a part of my everyday existence.

Being prepared for the worse scenarios like typhoons, calamities and disaster is not being a pessimist or an alarmist. For us patients who relies on our dialysis treatments for life, being prepared is just being realistic.

(Note: By the way, I’ve decided to abuse another picture for this post. In fact, I am thinking of doing my own images for the rest of my upcoming posts… what do you think guys? Is it a good idea?)

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