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my mom has esrd and is now on dialysis 3 times a week...I know everyone is different but can anyone give an general from this ma

Posted by plcaloia

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I assume Hemodiaysis ?  and I am one of  225 kidney patients  I have ESRD at a local diaysis center  the time for each is different according to how much the kidneys still do  or if they do anything  Pessonally i spend 4 hours on the machine 3 days a week  but have friends there that only need 2 to 3 hours and some are more than 4 hours  so  it all depends on how sever the illness  how good a connection between you and the equipment  which way you are connected to it  and  what  part of the body your access is connected to  I started out with an emergency access via a cathitor in my caradid atrery  and  that  was used for me for 6 months  ( no showers  and had to keep that area hyper clean to avoid infections.   I had an access made in my Left arm  where a vascuar surgen connected  an artery to a vein  this connection is called a fistula  this is where 2 needles are installed  in line and basicly it allows the machine to circulate my blood  outside my body in that machine to filter it  ( thats Hemodilysis) 

thier are other forms of dialysis but im not experienced in that  so cant be of value trying to give an answer to any thing i havent delt with since Oct 2009

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