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Mists of Pandaria Dps Information

Posted Nov 20 2012 6:28am

Through hoops to keep players from having to use awkward yet higher DPS rotations.Mists of Pandaria is well under way, and with patch 5.1 on the horizon. We’ve now had enough guilds do enough raid clears that we can begin to take a look at the DPS numbers that the classes are putting out and see  Wow Gold  90, just where they stand. It might also shed some insight into buffs and nerfs coming on the PTR  Mists of Pandaria Dps  Information.  3952601_4e444

This gives us the absolute best data source that we have access to. These numbers are exactly what thousands and thousands of real raiders are actually capable of putting out in the actual raids, averaged over all of the bosses available.

If you’ll recall, the DPS spread in Dragon Soul, while not perfect, was actually the closest to balanced we had seen in WoW history. So did  Mists of Pandaria  improve upon this balance? Or did we end up with boss mechanics and new abilities that widened the gap? The only way to find out is to sort through all the data, and then make pretty graphs out of them.

Advantages of top 100 parses
When we look at the median of the top 100 parses, we know that we’re seeing players who have very good gear,  Buy Wow Gold  Instant Delivery, are very skilled, have all raid buffs, and are also enjoying good RNG to boot. It’s a good representation of how much DPS a spec is capable of putting out in actual in-game content.

Comparing the classes rather than specs
The primary disadvantage of looking at the top 100 parses is that it disproportionately favors the best DPS spec of any given class. The very best players in the very best gear and power-level are typically going to play the very best DPS spec for the fight. If there is a spec lagging behind, far fewer of the best players are playing that spec, and so its numbers fall even further behind, giving a skewed picture.

Make this important decision based on tons of information that needed to be processed. Cheapest  World Of Warcraft GoldMists of Pandaria  Dps Information Rather than comparing all the specs in the game, we’re instead mostly going to look at just the best spec of each class and use that to compare the classes against each other.

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