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Make sure you do not lock unnecessary attributes in an entity in a WebObjects EO model

Posted Feb 22 2011 11:18am
One more mistake many people doing EOModelling with WebObjects make - unnecessarily locking attributes.

In the EOModeller tool, all new attributes come with the locking option set to 'on'. I have no idea why. This really should have a default of 'off'. The locking attribute is used when an update is being made to the database. During the actual update, the attributes that are set as 'locked' are used in the 'where' clause of the update query being sent to the database.

Typically, you would only need the primary key when you are updating a single row. Now, if you have set another attribute to be locked and you are trying to update that same attribute, you will get a 'GeneralAdaptorException'. That's because, you set the attribute to be locked and you are trying to update it!

The problem is the tool sets everything to be locked by default. What I have started doing is to set everything to unlocked except the primary and foreign keys which you never ever update in WebObjects. That has worked well for me.

Does anyone have any more insight into this?
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