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Liver cysts

Posted Sep 02 2013 7:37pm
My stomach hurts.  A lot.  It hurts right under my breastbone, and when I press on it, it feels tender.  But I'm not sure if it's tender because there is an infection/ulcer/gallstone/alien parasite, or if it's just because my liver is coated, yes, COVERED in cysts.  That was a revelation from my first MRI at Beth Israel.  It was shocking, even as I was prepared for it.

After dealing with this pain for a few months, it's time.  Time to get it checked out.  Sigh.  I could go to my nephrologist, but I don't know if she can help if it's stomach/gall bladder related.  I could go to a gastroenterologist, but then I'd have to explain why my abdomen is such a mess.  (My gyno, for example, was shocked when he palpated my abdomen, and said he was glad I told him that my kidneys could be felt anteriorly, because otherwise he would have suspected serious uterine growths, or something else crazy.  He also said giving me a hysterectomy would be a real bitch.  Okay, he was more professional than that, but that's what he was thinking, I promise you.)

I mentioned it to my GP, who happens to go to church with me, and he said, "See me first."  Sigh again.  Not that I'm opposed to seeing my GP, it's just that I'm trying to minimize my interaction with doctors.  Because I hate them.  I mean, not as individuals.  They're nice enough, I suppose.  I just hate spending my life in doctor's offices.  It's a drag.

So, anybody else have painful liver cysts?  Because if it's not liver cysts, I can imagine a long line of testing with no light at the end of the tunnel, and a lot of surprised doctors along the way who have barely heard of PKD, much less palpated kidneys anteriorly.

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