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left brain artery surgery cost and what to do

Posted by Marina

Hello, I am  very healthy 49 year old female, been working out all my life. !8 month ago I was misaligend by a chiropractitioner and suffered a seizure 6 hours later. One year later an MRI was performed and they found my left brain artery only has 30 percent blood flow. SOmetimes I have dizzyspells, really makes me anxious. I was told it could have been from the alignment or I was born this way. I was also told surgery would be a great option. They said either putting a stent in, or blowing it out. I have not seen a specialist over this, don't have insurance. I am single, a massage therapist and putting my daughter through college. ANy suggestions! Or am I just one of the many people who have to suffer this one out. Grateful for any good advice, e-mail;
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