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Kidney Failure basics

Posted Apr 30 2012 6:04am
BasicsRenal Failure What do your kidneys do?Kidneys are bean shaped organs locating in the abdominal area above your pelvis. Kidneys are essential for human being because kidneys can: Filtering electrolytes, wastes as well fluids from blood.Balance the electrolytes and acid-baseSecrete active substancesRegulate blood volume What is Renal Failure?Renal Failure describes a serious medical condition, which means that your kidneys lose their function partially or completely. Kidneys undergo cellular death as renal failure happens, which fail to filter excess fluids and produce urine as well balance electrolytes. Under such condition, toxins begin to accumulate in human body resulting in a variety of complications. Types of Renal Failure: Renal failure can be categorized as two types: acute and chronic renal failure.Acute Renal FailureAcute renal failure, which is also called acute renal injury, refers to a sudden loss of kidney function. It can develop rapidly over several hours or days and is often potentially reversible.  Chronic Renal FailureChronic renal failurecan progress over months or years, and usually an irreversible damage to kidneys. The initial symptoms of chronic renal failure develop mild and could last for many years with unnoticed. People with diabetes, hypertension, lupus, kidney infection, kidney calcium, renal artery stenosis are at high risk of suffering from chronic renal failure. 
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