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It's Been A While

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:07pm
Yes, it's been awhile since I last wrote something. The truth of the matter is things have gone along well and I'm out and about enjoying life again! My husband always said that I didn't realize how bad I was feeling and wouldn't know until I got my new kidney and felt good again. He was right! I do feel so much better except for lately I'm really struggling with exhaustion. This could be because I'm attempting to do too much or simply part of the recovery process. Unfortunately it could also mean a urinary infection or the CMV virus has become active. Neither of these as far as I know are tremendous obstacles and tests are being conducted to see if either of these possibilities is real. I'm down to once a week blood work and my veins are very happy about that! The women up at the Madison Medical Mall are just great and they know my arms now. While I was in the hospital, it was brought to my attention that I should look into getting SSI disability. I haven't worked since 1995 and I stopped working because of the toll it was taking on my body and health but the thought never crossed my mind to apply for disability. I thought that was for elderly people. My husband and I met with a lawyer and found that I should have applied back when I quit or as late as 2000. Because I didn't, it would be a much tougher case to win and we decided not to pursue this course. So a word to those out there who may just be getting on a transplant list, check into the possibility of applying for SSI disability. My friends, Guy and Ann continue to do well and have seem one another a couple of times now and even had lunch one day. My next visit to Birmingham will be May 23rd so I will definitely see Guy then and possibly Ann as well if she has a clinic appointment that day also. This past weekend I was sorting clean laundry and tripped over our rug and broke my foot. I was relieved when I didn't hit the floor and remained upright but I had heard the "crack" and knew I had broken something. It's actually where the big toe joins the plate of the foot. The family made a trip to the Urgent Care on Saturday night and I followed up on Monday with my podiatrist, Dr. Mark Middenberg with Whitesburg Podiatry. He has taken care of many foot related issues with me and I highly recommend him. His main concern was that the tendon is attached where the fracture is and wanted to make sure the tendon hadn't snapped off or tore. Thank God it hadn't! To those that know me, it's not uncommon to see me in a surgical shoe or even boot. I've lost count at how many times I've broken my toes or feet. Usually it's because of tripping over a dog or stubbing my foot on a chair. This is the second time I've tripped over something. Some people who are diabetics tend to lose feeling in their feet after having diabetes for so many years. While I have some neuropathy (nerve damage which means loss of feeling) I still have great circulation in my feet and still have feeling in my feet. Out of all the breaks, this I would have to say has been the most painful but my foot is a wonderful array of colors in purple and black. Slowly but surely I'm getting the housework done that was neglected for so long because of how I felt. Laundry is being done on a regular basis and I've cooked dinner almost every night since returning home from the hospital. These both are major accomplishments for me. My mentality before was that I didn't have emotional engery to put thought into what to fix for dinner or the physical energy to actually fix the dinner so we ate out alot. My one son who I would classify as a picky eater has not complained a bit about not going out to eat and my other son who eats everything under the sun, blesses me with his pure enjoyment of what he's eating. I love cookbooks and collect them. Cookbooks made by different churches I find are the best. So I've been getting them out now and just glance through and see what "pops out" to me. Saturday we celebrated my birthday and for the first time I didn't have to wonder if I would be around for my next birthday. Age has never been an issue with me. I'm proud to have lived 48 years and this birthday was very special with my new lease on life. Now it's time for my public service announcement......If you've not considered being an organ donor, please do! The waiting list in Alabama has now reached to a 7 year wait. Personally, I've know 4 people who passed away while waiting for a kidney. There is a shirt that I want to get that says "Please become an organ donor, Heaven knows we need them here.
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