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Is my husband eligible to be considered as a kidney donor since he suffers from gout and is on a daily preventive?

Posted by Kayren

My mother-in-law is being put on a kidney transplant list.  They will be meeting with the doctor later this month for the initial information about screening close family members.  My husband has gout and was diagnosed at 28 years old (which is very young for gout).  He is on allopurinol (300 mg a day) as a preventive for outbreaks and because his uric acid levels were high.  He just got put back on it because he had an outbreak for the first time in almost 8 years and they checked the uric acid levels and said he needed to go back on the medication.

I know we'll probably need to meet with our family doctor, but is my husband even eligible to be considered as a donor?  He'll be 45 this year.

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