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is it safe for a patient of Chronic Kidney Disease on hemodyalisis 3 times a week to eat almonds?

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In the stage 3 CKD, GFR has a moderate decrease and kidney function has been damaged to a more serious degree. Much waste products accumulate in the blood vessels, and a series of complications will appear with the decline of kidney function. In this period, the parathyroid hormone increases obviously, and there are changes with the metabolism of lipoprotein. The absorption of calcium and the excretion of phosphorus decrease, and renal Anemia and Hypertension will appear. Also, a very important point in this stage is the increasing risk of cardiac vascular diseases.

In stage 3, the most urgent thing is to have an effective treatment of the complications, because those complications can accelerate the progress of kidney disease and then kidney function will be lost quickly. CVD happens in many cases, and the risk of death increases so the life quality of patients will be affected therewith.

Patients in stage 3 will have the following symptoms: fatigue, swelling from the eyelids to low limbs, abnormal in urine, difficulty in sleeping and in some cases there will be pain in renal region. The aim in stage 3 CKD is to identify individuals at risk of progressive renal disease, and to reduce associated risks of many kinds of complications especially diseases related to heart. The patients with stage 3 CKD are usually elder ones, and among them, only some can develop severer kidney disease and quickly progress into the next stage. Increasing rate of getting complications such as CVD is the characteristic in this stage, and preventing the happening of them and the treatment for them are the key points in stage 3.

Treatment in stage 3 does matter a lot. It is a critical point for sufferers with CKD, because in this period, the disease is still reversible if there is prompt treatment. Nevertheless, if the treatment is not effective enough, the condition will possibly be aggravated by some inducing agents and progresses out of control like rolling down a hill. There are some patients getting more serious kidney damages then and the disease condition will deteriorate constantly until the kidney failure, so it is the most important thing for the patients in stage 3 to have a better treatment for kidney disease as well as other accompanying diseases so as to enjoy a better life.


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