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Is 10 x 2mg Xanax tablets taken at one all at one time, along with with 4 Panadeine &with 30mg codeine combo per pill, toxic

Posted by KittyKaty

I am diagnosed with Major Depression, Major anxiety, Poat Traumatice Syndrome which seems to be leading to personality disorder, and a recently discovered Empty Sellar Syndrome with CSP Filling the Sella and flattening an incomplete pituiatey (still being investigates but I get a lot of headaches - at night and also wa I wam waking up....severe pressure. And my eyesight seems to have very rapidly deterioriated - I can't read small print and such like, AND, ia m now TYPING dyslexically....not writing, but typing! And this is a very new development - I have bean a matur ages uni student and belted out assignments. Now, if I self-correct take 1/2 hour to write something this length.

I am on a ONE YEAR APPOINTMENT waiting I can then be told I have an appointment in 3 months time! It is insane. I fall over. I get dizzy. I land on my head without bracing myself with my arms etc etc.

I am 42, in reasonable health apart from all this multitude of stuff, moderately active - although it is getting harder with the dixxyness and falls or near falls, I eat OK....not great, but not awful.

I am scared. I have seen an oncologist and have to have a battery of blood tests - I know I am low in HGH but can't afforf about $10,00 a year for injections, as it is not a covered medication. I have no folate to speak of, and my b12 is rock botton. I also have "Slight neutropenia" and some pale, flat ovoid RBCs - small. And my CRP was 19/20.

I don't know other results.

Can ANYONE givem me some clues? Is this the start of MS? Or aome auto-immune disease, or something?

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