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I've been doing some WebObjects coding lately

Posted Nov 02 2012 9:08pm
I gave up coding more than a year back when I joined NephroPlus full time. It was a big change. All my working life was in the software industry. I did not know anything else. Life, for me, revolved around code! Though for a part of that life, I did not write much code. However, it was all about code. Suddenly, work took on a whole new meaning. Life at NephroPlus was dramatically different from life in the software world.

All these months, I used the computer only for email, the internet and spreadsheets! Can you believe that?!

Then one day, in our company we realized the need for an issue tracker. Lot of stuff was falling through the cracks in emails. People would have an issue. They would either tell someone about it or email it. That's it. Forgotten. We felt having a nice little issue tracker would be great to keep track of issues. With all my software background, I was asked to look for such a tool. Its funny the way people associate anything IT related to someone from a software background. My brother too keeps nagging me when I can't fix his Outlook settings (Heaven help the brave-hearts who use Outlook!).

I found some open source tools but nothing was perfect. The ones that seemed perfect were too expensive. It was only issue tracking, for God's sake! Not a full blown ERP on which our fistulae depended!

Finally I found that Drupal , an Open Source Content Management System had a simple module called Case Tracker  which seemed to have the features we were looking for. Our hosting provider had support for Drupal. So, I went ahead and enabled Drupal and then set up the Case Tracker. We started filing issues. Everyone was jubilant. They even started clicking on the links you got in the email! They were that excited! Never mind if you did nothing about the issues. Just click on the links!

Soon we realized however, that NephroPlus still wasn't perfect. What? Despite the issue tracker?! Everyone was puzzled. What was wrong?

We saw that issues were being filed. However many people did nothing about the issues. There were some issues that were left unsolved for weeks. There were some solved issues which were untouched in the Issue Tracker. It was then felt that we needed some tracking mechanism. Ah! that was it. Some tracking mechanism!

So, the ball was back firmly in my court. How do we track the progress of issues?

Google, my dear friend, was of no help! I did find a Case Tracker Plus module in Drupal but the Drupal version needed was not available with the hosting provider.

I had a thought one day. Why don't I write the application myself?! Using WebObjects, it shouldn't take me too much time! I suggested this to my colleagues. They were supportive. I checked with a few friends. Jayadeep was encouraging. MVK balked at the use of WebObjects. By the time I actually got down to developing, two more projects got added to the list of applications to develop!

So, now here I am, spending a few hours everyday on WebObjects development. Its all coming back to me! EOF, Project Wonder, faults, EOModels, addObjectToBothSidesOfRelationshipWithKey! Ha, who would have thought I would ever type that method name again? No, I'm not complaining!

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