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I now have the travel information!

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm 1 Comment

Only 8 days and we will be heading to Disneyland! I feel OK with the travelling now, still a little worried but I have had good chats with my family and I feel abit better.

This morning all the travel documents arrived and as you can imagine I am very excited! I have started to put a few things in our case and getting our bag ready with things for the kids to do on the way down there. I am a very organised person so everything is written down what we need to take and when to get it! I would hate to get there and had forgotten something.

Now it is just focusing on everyone getting better. Billy had to go to the doctors yesterday, he has a chest infection from a cold last week...they have also put him on an inhaler in case he has asthma like Charlotte and so he is being reviewed in 2 weeks. The inhaler is helping alot but last night he randomly had a massive nose bleed so we called the doctor and he thinks the chest infection has caused an infection up into his nose and just to keep an eye on him...he is fine now though.

Also, get well soon Mum. She is suffering bad and can hardly talk. worrying when she too has asthma...if it gets much worse your going to the doctor!! xx
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