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How to Avoid Kidney Failure

Posted Mar 27 2012 3:34am

Kidney failure is the end step of varies kidney diseases and it occurs when kidneys lose most of their functions. Avoiding kidney failure in some ways means avoiding dialysis and kidney transplant, and this is because failed kidneys are incapable in filtering wastes out from our body. Well then, how to avoid kidney failure?

Kidney failure is the condition that kidneys lose most of their functions, so to avoid kidney failure, we need to stop kidneys from losing their functions. To achieve this purpose, we need to receive effective treatment to recover our impaired kidney functions and try every means to avoid further kidney damages.

On the basis of these principles, immunotherapy is suitable. Immunotherapy combines western advanced technology, refers to Stem Cell Transplant here, and Chinese medicines, say Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy here.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy takes different Chinese medicines as the major material and different medicines play different role in treating kidney failure. Some of them are effective in removing wastes accumulating in the blood vessel, and because of this, blood circulation can be improved greatly. Some others are effective in activating damaged renal intrinsic cells. When damaged functional cells are activated, they will be able to display function again and as a result, kidney functions are recovered to some extent. In addition, all these Chinese medicines grow naturally, and they do not contain hormone, so no side effects are presented while in treating kidney failure.

Stem Cell Transplant is an advanced medical treatment and the application of it is based on the special abilities of stem cells which are original human cells. Cultivating stem cells with specific nutrient solution, we can get the corresponding functional cells. as for people with kidney failure, most of their renal intrinsic cells are necrotic, so in this light, we can inject stem cells which have been cultivated in advance to replace the dead functional cells display kidney functions. On this theory, kidney functional can be recovered effectively.

Kidney failure is the end stage of kidney disease and once kidney disease run to end stage kidney failure, it will be very hard for sufferers to recover; so avoiding kidney failure actively is very necessary.

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