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How exactly is the heart affected by the dialysis process?

Posted by kathy

I have CAD and severe hypertension.  I am now halfway through Stage 4 CKD and my bp is under control with the help of meds.  Suffered myocardial infarction 3/19/91 at the age of 36, with full cardiac arrest 9-12 minutes.  CPR was performed until EMTs arrived.   EEG showed no brain damage except for partial loss of memory for the year prior to the MI.  Cardiologist implanted 2 stents in my heart and 2 stents in my kidneys September, 2008.  Stents in kidneys collapsed and were replaced September, 2009.  No more renal stenting can be done due to the damage in my arteries.  There seems to be a considerable amount of concern about heart failure, and I want to know what is the real danger.  My heart has a pumping action of 50% now and will not improve.
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