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Has orthostatic hypotension been observed in dogs? I have a Yorkie with glomerulonephritis, who is on amlodipine for BP control.

Posted by Cristy

She has had 3 episodes of falling to one side after waking up. Following the fall, she appears groggy and disoriented, and--for a few minutes--her walk is very unsteady, like that of someone who is drunk: she walks in a zig-zag pattern, and has to catch herself to keep from falling. Her veterinarian has readjusted her medication (d/c'd enalapril and added 2 phosphorus-binding agents, Epakitine and aluminum hydroxide), and this seems to have corrected the problem. But we've not been able to pinpoint a specific cause of these episodes, having pretty much ruled out stroke and seizure.
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