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Glenn Beck's Principals of Life 6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal

Posted Feb 21 2009 10:15pm
Ok folks, I'm going to step on toes here but not because I want to, it's because I have an opinion and most time when people state their opinions, others oppose it. So here goes.......The title of the post sums what has come across my path in the last week. I went today to my transplant clinic for my anniversary check up. While in the waiting room I overheard a conversation between a couple of people who had received transplants about 2 -3 years ago. They were discussing how unfair it was that people who had only done about 6 months of dialysis were receiving kidneys, when they themselves had done dialysis for 6 - 7 years! Come on folks! I am truly sorry that people have to go through dialysis and I'm sure it does seem unfair but don't begrudge the people who have minimal time or none at all on dialysis!! Research shows people are much better off after a transplant if they haven't gone through the rigors of dialysis. No, not everyone is lucky enough to dodge this but I'm sorry, I have never witnessed such selfishness in my life!! And the organizations who are pushing to have their members get preference over others on the waiting list, I'm sorry but that is just wrong on so many levels. Bottom line it's discrimination. Because someone hasn't had the forsight to sign up doesn't mean they should be penalized. Who gets which organ is regulated by the Federal Govt. If you designate you only want someone to receive your organs if they are on some list, what's not to say that people can only donate to Hispanics, Asians, African Americans or Caucasians????? There are doctors who believe in only referring their patients after dialysis is needed to be evaluated for a transplant but that is THEIR personal opinion. If your kidney function is declining and dialysis is on the horizon get with a kidney doctor who is at a hospital that does kidney transplants. I was fortunate in the fact that 14 years ago I was referred to UAB and my kidney specialist was proactive to get me on the list as soon as I was legally able to be on it! You're legally able to be added to the waiting list when your function hits 20%. There are 2 methods of calculating your function and it doesn't matter which method is used. The general method usually gives you a higher reading than the more personalized one. At least it did in my case. There was 7 points difference in the 2 methods. Now some people starting showing symptoms of toxins building up in their bodies at 20% but there are alot of people who don't need dialysis until they get to about 12% function. Everyone's decline is different. Mine was so slow that being on the waiting list for 5 years was easy for me because I didn't need dialysis. No, this doesn't happen to everyone and I know how blessed and lucky I am to have had things work out the way they did. I lost 3 people who were a part of my life for years because they were waiting and never received a kidney transplant. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.
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