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Glamour Magazine

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:07pm
The February 2008 issue of Glamour magazine hits the stands across America on January 8. Among the perfume, skin care and herpes treatment ads is an article about my kidney donation to Brenda. It’s on Page 135 and the piece has a sizable photo of us taken the day before the transplant surgery. An excellent journalist named Sarah Robbins wrote the very dignified 200-word piece in a publication that, to put it kindly, doesn’t always reach very high to tackle serious issues in much depth (“Six Genius Love-Life Tips from Animal Trainers” anyone?). All kidding aside, Sarah Robbins wrote a solid article of which she should be proud, and my sources tell me that Glamour covers women’s health issues regularly with dignity and compassion.

As of the date I’m typing this, the article is not available online at Presumably there’s not enough bandwith available to fit my article alongside the piece about the couple who rebooted their relationship via a New Years Resolution to have sex every day. So, you’ll have to go to your newsstand or grocery store to purchase it yourself (“Plain brown wrapper, please.”)

My favorite line in the whole thing sums up the reason I do any press at all:

“I assumed it was this massive sacrifice, and you spend the rest of your life sick,” says the Chicago father of two. Then he learned that for donors, the procedure is relatively simple, with a quick recovery time - and that you can live just as well with one kidney as two.

As long as that point is driven home, my appearance in Glamour will be worth the mountain of crap I’m going to get at work for this particular piece of press exposure. (Why are FBI agents reading Glamour in the first place???)

My dad, for one, always wanted me to be in Sports Illustrated. He’ll just have to settle for this.


The article is now available online as a .pdf file at:
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