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Dialysis versus Dot Net Programming

Posted Sep 14 2010 9:52pm
Many times I feel that I haven't got a fair deal in life. Kidney failure, dialysis and all. But then I think about the poor souls who have to do Dot Net programming and my spirits rise. I have got a better deal than them for sure.

People on dialysis have to undergo something close to torture only thrice a week for four hours each time. Dot Net programmers have to undergo worse eight hours every day, five days a week. And that is if they have a good boss (extremely rare in the Dot Net world, a few years on Dot Net robs you of every vestige of niceness). Otherwise, it is 10-12 hours each day, 6-7 days a week.

The four hours on dialysis can leave your body quite drained. The eight hours on Dot Net leave you emotionally and mentally exhausted. Dialysis actually seems like fun in comparison!

Dialysis can actually be fun. You get to relax in a bed for four hours thrice a week, watch a movie, surf the internet (especially if you're dialyzing at a center like Nephroplus ), read books, chat with the nurse or your neighbor dialyzor (whoever is prettier). Dot Net programming, on the other hand can be quite traumatic. You have to work on Windows, for starters! Gosh, Windows? Yes, Windows. A-crash-a-day Windows. A-virus-a-day Windows. A-security-update-a-day Windows. A-throw-up-a-day-on-seeing-the-UI-Windows. Then you have to work on C#. Which has basically all the bad things about Java minus all the good things about Java. And that brings us to the framework itself about which the less said the better.

So, you see, a life on dialysis can be a lot better than a life on Dot Net programming. Even if you're not going rogue and taking dialysis for the ride!
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