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Dialysis Update – June Laboratory Test Results

Posted Jul 10 2010 7:32am

I had my monthly laboratory test for the month of June taken last week and only just now did I find the time to post it here. The past week had been quite busy for me, redesigning Dialysis Postings and my other blogs – Private Corner and Itlog de Arina , and my grandfather being rushed to the hospital due to uncontrolled Diabetes. But that’s all behind now and I’m here once again updating DP, posting my recent lab results, and trying to spew bits and pieces of information that I hope would be quite useful to my dear readers.

Enough with the chatter. My hemoglobin is down to 8.2 gm/dL . Anemia is on the rampage again and there are numerous factors that might be causing it. It might be that I’m not having sufficient doses of EPO injections , or my body’s not responding well to my current EPO therapy. Either way, I should resolve the issue immediately or risk the possibility of my hemoglobin’s further decline and the need for blood transfusion .

lab result

My creatinine level’s a bit high at 14 mg/dL . I might be the culprit on this one because I’ve been consuming more protein than I’m allowed recently, especially red meats. The solution – stricter protein intake, less or no red meat, and back to eating fish more often. The others – Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, etc. – are fairly under acceptable levels.

I also had my Hepatitis Profile taken together with my monthly laboratory. Both the test for the virus – HBsAg and HCV – turned non-reactive, meaning I don’t have Hepatitis. The only sad outcome is that the test for my antibody against the virus – Anti-HBs – also turned out non-reactive, meaning my body’s still not producing enough antibody to have me protected.

To sum it up, I’m still doing fairly well with my lab results and treatment. Although there are certain adjustments I have to make and try to implement them as soon as I am able. But it’s all good and I’m still in business with the my battle against kidney failure.

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