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Diagnosis and alternate medicine

Posted Jun 05 2009 10:09pm 1 Comment
The importance of diagnosis in any medical condition cannot be over emphasized. I have been grappling with pain for the past couple of months, all the while thinking it was hemorrhoids. I have been taking Ayurvedic medication for it for the last month or so wondering why something that worked so well last time was not working now.

Guess what? It was not hemorrhoids after all!

Yesterday I went to a surgeon and he examined me thoroughly and said it was not hemorrhoids. He asked me to get an ultrasound scan done. The scan showed prostatitis. That was the reason for the pain all these days. So, now I have started heavy IV antibiotics along with Bactrim to take care of the infection.

Which brings me to diagnosis. To diagnose the problem, there is simply no alternative to regular medicine (what we call allopathy). However effective alternate therapies may be (even if you find an authentic practitioner), they are no match to the conventional methods of diagnosis.

All these weeks I have been taking the Ayurvedic medication for the wrong problem. Obviously it wouldn't work. That, I think, is a major problem with alternative therapies. They do not have the tools or the procedures to properly diagnose the problem. They have to rely on conventional techniques.
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whoa! I thought it was a hemorrhoids.. Geez.. Your so lucky it was not that just like that.  I could advice you about that since I am a doctor...some tips will do to prevent those hemorrhoids from spreading.  I used to have a hemorrhoids because I used to wash my adar lab coats after my work.  My hands are tired from work then wet my hands....So, I am very careful not to wet my hands after work...
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