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Diabetic patient & two times dialysis

Posted by shelly

Dear Concerned Person,

Please guide me, My father is Hospitalized he has infection in Foot & Diabities too, He is in hospital  from last two weeks,He was in Govt Hospital, After one Week in Govt hospital Doctor told us he has problem in Kidney, Please go For Dialysis, Next day we opt for Dialysis and changed the hospital, then they told us for one more dialysis and father has gone for dialysis again secon times Now Doctor has cut his Foot too as doctor told it is the reason of infection and kidney problem,


But now my question is he is passing urine normally, but Whenever he try to have something like food he feels nausea, vomiting sensation but vomit doesnot comes.I talked to doctor but he told no probplem in kisdneys, Please tell me does his kidneys work or has been failed.

Please reply me truly.


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