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ct scan reveals complexity in cyst or mass located under left rib. Anyone have a shared experience?

Posted by phillytx

hi thanks for your time.  i have been in kidney failure since 2/04.  original diagnosis was end stage renal disease.  i improved my number quick enough to exit dialysis after 90 days.

 after i got baseline healthy, i asked a nephrologist to do a biopsy.  he agreed.  other doctors blamed my hiv+ status, but we had other ideas.  just afer the biopsy i went hematoma -- probably for not resting enough.  i went back to hospital and after 30 days, my numbers were at a good chronic but stable creatinine score of 1-9-2.5.

i have always massaged myself to ease muscle and joint pain, and i noticed a mass on the left side of my abdomen, right under my rib cage.  so having just had a nephrology exam, i thought little of this mass when i started experiencing major watery stool and some vomitting.  i also began feeling lower right quadrant abdominal pain -- my gallbladder is removed.  so i suspceted my appendix to be the culprit.  my lab work was great, with 2.4 (stable) creatinine.  but a "cyst" was found near my left kidney "more toward the back."  cat scan number two the following day revealed that the left side growth "has some complexity."  so i underwent an mri today with results expected tomorrow.


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