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creatinine levels- I am worried

Posted Jan 16 2011 1:24am


I hope that somebody can help me with this question. On Dec 1st 2010 I had lab test done and my creatinine was 1.46 and BUN was 27. One year ago I was 190 lbs, now I am 175 lbs, 5.5. I lost weight only watching what I eat, not exercising, but I am on my feet all day. I am a waiter. I eat every day chicken, sometimes twice a day.

Doctor told me to drink fluids and have the test done 2 weeks later. I did an ultrasound too. I went back and my creatinine was 1.4 and my bun was 25. He said the ultrasound results were good to. He told me to go back after 1 month to redo the test.

2 days ago I was talking to a Plasic surgeon doctor and out of curiosity I asked him about my creatinine levels. He told me that my kidneys are done....At this point I am VERY worried. I will go to the doc next week, but I can not sleep. Does anybody know if my kidneys are gone? If they are demaged allready can they ever be normal again? Do I have to do anything about what I eat?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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