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Check Up at the Clinic

Posted Nov 21 2008 2:02pm
After my hospital stay in June, I had to return to the clinic 2 weeks to make sure things were still going in the right direction. At that time, they had given me a 3 month leash where I didn't need to return until 3 months later. I had that visit on October 17 and everything looked great. The doctor commented that I had a great kidney and should last me many, many years as long as I took my medicines. Unfortunately, many people do stop or alter they medicine routines for various reasons and this leads to rejections. Some people get tired of taking all the pills, some can no longer afford the cost of the medicines because Medicare is no longer their primary insurance carrier but now is classified as their secondary carrier. I assured the doctor that after having taken all the injections over the years being a diabetic, taking some pills was much preferred and that our medical insurance was great for prescription coverage. This visit also coincided with my 9 month anniversary of receiving the kidney. I'm amazed at the progression of feeling so good. Right after the surgery I felt an immediate difference but knew there was a ways to go or at least I hoped there would be more improvement. Lack of energy was still to be dealt with but it was more due to doing alot more things and being exhausted than having no energy to do anything. After I hit the 3 month mark I realized that things were alot better than than before. I still had energy issues but I knew again they were due to doing alot more things in the day than I had done in years. Around the 6 month mark there was another realization of how great I was feeling. Then the pneumonia hit and that set me back aways. When I went to the clinic I was still dealing with the after effects of the pneumonia and was told by the doctor to not be so frustrated with myself. Pneumonia is a serious illness and recent transplant patients will take even longer to completely get over something such as this. The doctor said for me to continue my 2x a month blood draws until December when I could go to monthly. Yee Haw!!!!! I will go next week for bloodwork and then it's a monthly visit for me. With this last visit the doctor wanted to add an ace inhibitor blood pressure medicine, Lisinopril. This is a common thing for diabetics to be taking because it acts as a buffer for the kidneys and helps prevent scarring in the kidneys from the effects of high blood sugar levels. Apparently my body doesn't see it as a "helper". Two weeks after taking the medicine my creatine shot up from 1.3 to 2.1 not a good sign. The doctors believed it was due to the Lisinopril so they had me stop taking it. Two weeks with not taking it and my creatine dropped down to 1.1 which is in the normal limits of someone who has never had kidney issues. February will mark my 1 year anniversary so the doctor scheduled me to return to the clinic then. If all continues to go well at that time I'll be given a 6 month leash and after that a yearly leash. It's hard to believe it's been 10 months now since the surgery. Time is flying by so quickly but it is because my days are so full now of homeschooling the kids, field trips, gymnastics and the Search and Rescue SARTEC training. There is no way I could even have hoped to think about doing all this before the surgery. I have heard from my donor's family and hope to meet with them one day as they share their memories of their loved one. Every day is a gift and whether we have received a transplant or not we need to be thankful and grateful for each and every day to the Lord. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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